Dolcelatte is a blue veined Italian soft cheese. The cheese is made from cow’s milk, and has a sweet taste. Its name translates from Italian to ‘sweet milk’ in English.

Dolcelatte was developed for the British market to provide a milder smelling and tasting alternative to the famous traditional Italian blue cheese, Gorgonzola. It is sometimes referred to as Gorgonzola Dolce.

Dolcelatte is very soft and melts in the mouth like ice-cream. It was created by Galbani company famous for cheesemaking. The method of production is very similar to Gorgonzola.

I think this cheese is spectacular, and compliments most red wines, and also compliments Gorgonzola-if you haven’t tried it-please do-you will not be disappointed-but don’t buy the pre-packed off the shelf-get it from the cheese counter!