Pong Cheese

OMG you have got to check out their cheeses & pictures

You can now order the most important part of anyone’s Christmas from their great selection of individual cheeses and gift boxes throughout their site-http://www.pongcheese.co.uk


Gosh-i’ve just checked out their Christmas Selection Hampers-and they look amazing-The Ultimate Pong Box-it contains the following:

* Epoisses has been banned on the Paris Metro because its extremely pungent aroma. It is however divinely tasty and many frenchmen’s favourite.

* There are no words to describe the smell of a Munster but it’s sweet taste belies its quite incredible stink.

* The soft and savoury taste of Oxford Blue’s creamy paste is shielded from the outside world by what looks like a brain that’s fallen in a pot of ink.

* And finally Finn deserves its place on the basis of its extravagant use of triple cream to give it a remarkable and strong taste.