Indian wine is breaking into the UK market, with Waitrose becoming the first UK supermarket to stock wines from the sub-continent.

Waitrose is featuring Ritu Viognier and Zampa Syrah as part of the Waitrose World of Wine Showcase.
Waitrose describes Ritu Viognier as a ‘crisp, aromatic white wine with floral and peach aromas.’ It is produced by United Breweries, the huge Indian brewer that also makes Kingfisher lager.

Both wines are produced in the dry, tropical climate of the Sahyadri Valley, in Maharashtra, south of Mumbai on the west coast of India.

Waitrose wine buyer Matt Smith told it was only over the last year that he had seen ‘a real jump in quality’.

‘Indian wine isn’t on everyone’s shopping list but this is a way to test the water and see what happens.

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